DH Graduate Certificate


Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities in the Departments of English, History, and Modern Languages and Literatures 

Launched in 2020, the Graduate Certificate in the Digital Humanities is an interdisciplinary concentration in Digital Humanities earned in conjunction with the individual Ph.D. requirements for the Departments of English, History, Modern Languages and Literatures. Interested graduate students from other departments and disciplines are welcome to pursue it as well. The graduate certificate is designed to provide students with rigorous training in digital humanities that is also tailored to their particular research interests and areas of specialization. The certificate offers students a depth and breadth of knowledge about computational approaches to humanities scholarship; the ability to clearly articulate their own methodological approaches to digital projects they complete; the ability to intervene in and discuss the larger theoretical debates that shape digital humanities scholarship; knowledge about multiple digital methods and tools that students can employ to answer research questions; and experience with project management and working in cross-disciplinary collaborative research teams. 

Apply to the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities. There are no prerequisites for the DH certificate, but you must be a currently enrolled graduate student at the University of Miami.


Graduate students working on the certificate already enroll in seminars and courses with faculty in other departments, gaining valuable skills and perspectives on their own fields of study. In providing a more formal structure for this interdisciplinary pedagogy, the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities will:

  • Enhance the ability of participating departments to recruit strong Ph.D. students working in digital humanities;
  • Enable participating departments to better prepare DH-focused graduate students as both scholars and teachers;
  • Make participating students more competitive on both the academic and non-academic job markets.

Curriculum Requirements

  • A minimum of three DH-focused and/or digital methods courses (9 credit hours), selected from list of approved courses.
  • MLL 774 or ENG 613: DH Practicum is required as part of the 9 credit hours.
  • Creation and approval of a final online portfolio showcasing projects and research utilizing digital humanist methodologies. The final portfolio for the certificate should demonstrate critical and practical understanding of the Digital Humanities. It should contain links to projects, articles, conference presentations, information about teaching, and other related scholarly and pedagogical work. In a brief introduction to each project, students should make clear exactly what role they played in group projects or individual designs. The format of the portfolio is free, but students will likely want to start thinking about a Word Press site, a Jekyll site hosted in GitHub Pages, or another kind of publicly accessible Web site with pages describing each of their significant projects, a short biography, and a CV. The portfolio, in this form, is intended to aid students in the job market (academic or otherwise). Students can  purchase their own domain or use a UM subdomain while they are enrolled in the certificate (contact the DH Advisory Committee for more information on using a UM subdomain). Students will present their portfolio during the semester they plan to graduate in a public panel for the DH community at UM.

Students may petition the Digital Humanities Advisory Committee to receive three credits toward the certificate for: a) non-DH courses for which they complete a DH project; b) graduate coursework in DH from another institution (if the student arrives at UM with a Master's degree, for example); c) non-credit training external to the University of Miami. Please note that university credit (at UM) cannot be offered for non-credit training or for courses taken at other institutions, but the committee will consider waiving one of the certificate requirements. Complete this form to petition the Advisory Committee.